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Supporting Healthcare

We are proud to support the emergency services and committed to provide them with the ultimate unified solutions. Robust communication devices, IoT applications and a reliable digital radio network is imperative in time critical situations.


communications for smarter healthcare

Healthcare is something that we all want to take for granted. We want it to be efficient, effective, and available at all times.

ComBus & Entropia have a long history of working with a variety of healthcare providers making sure that those qualities are reflected in their unified communications systems.

In recent times, unified digital communication technology has been identified as fundamental to the development of more effective emergency services. The solutions that we supply are feature rich and provide better connectivity to other medical services and control rooms to future-proof the evolving role of today’s healthcare professionals.

ComBus provides groundbreaking communications; instantly connecting users at a push of a button, tracking locations, and raising alarms. They can be further used to send real time pictures and videos to emergency departments for improved onward care.

ComBus seamlessly integrates existing communications systems with future-proof technology including Broadband Push-to-Talk radio systems. ComBus and Entropia’s already established nationwide mission critical TETRA radio network in Belgium and the Netherlands delivers optimal voice and data communications, seamlessly connecting two-way radios with other devices including our innovative Cloud dispatch control room.

Unified communications solutions Tetra mission critical voice and data Broadband Push-to-Talk radio system Future-proof technology IoT integration Encrypted voice & cyber secure
communications for smarter healthcare

ComBus Solutions

Broadband Push-to-Talk

Experience ultimate connectivity and essential emergency features to enhance mission critical communications and improve efficiencies in all sectors.

Cloud Dispatch systems

Delivering an uninterrupted flow of critical data to your control room empowering your operators to react and respond optimally to any situation.

Worker Safety

Innovative unified cloud technology to provide complete situational awareness and feature rich devices to better protect your personnel.

Telemetry IoT

Collecting and transmitting real time data from anything to anywhere at anytime to secure a smarter, more efficient and connected world.

Live Location Tracking

Optimise your emergency management process with future-proof technology to accurately pinpoint personnel, assets, vehicles and incidents.

Live Stream Video

Cutting edge technology to instantly capture and transmit real time video ensures the optimal outcome of every emergency situation.

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