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Meep, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, and Entropia are building a Critical Broadband Service
Entropia Critical data and digital two-way voice communications

Launch of a Critical Broadband Service

Meep, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, and Entropia are building a Critical Broadband Service.

Israel, Tel Aviv, May 1, 2023 - Meep Ltd., an Elbit Systems subsidiary (NASDAQ: ESLT) (TASE: ESLT), and Entropia, have entered a long-term strategical partnership to further develop an international critical broadband service based on Meep's Push to Talk Over Cellular networks (PTToC) communication solution - Synch™ combined with Entropia's mission-critical TETRA control room management platform, ComBus®.

Siyata Mobile Accelerates European Rollout of SD7 with Entropia

Entropia to commence selling the SD7 solution to its broad base of enterprise customers

The SD7 enables push-to-talk communications for first responders and enterprise clients in a simple easy-to-use rugged Android based Push-To-Talk (PTT) device with excellent sound quality that operates over the high bandwidth 4G LTE network, providing consistent connectivity internationally. Its IP68 rating, resistance to water and dust, drop protection, and robust battery make it well suited for use in harsh environments. Users of the SD7 can initiate and receive talk-group calls, receive private calls, notify others of emergencies, and report locations, all actions ideally tailored for mission critical purposes.

Siyata SD7 Push to Talk Rollout with Entropia and ComBus
ComBus / Entropia April, 2023

ECOM has approved the Combonet Smart PTT app technology for use on SMART-EX 02 DZ1 / Smart-Ex 02 DZ2 and Smart-Ex 02M devices.

ComBus / Entropia November, 2021

The new TETRA X-Core network will enable all Entropia customers the interconnect between TETRA two-way radio and broadband such as 4G and 5G.

Entropia December, 2021

Entropia are proud to offer independent broadband connectivity. Customers will enjoy flawless reliable coverage no matter their location.

ComBus / Entropia July, 2021

With nearly 99,95% measured values of cases - 100% availability. TETRA and MCPTT offers added value.

Entropia and ComBus have developed an innovative monitoring network that monitors underground water levels.

ComBus / Entropia April, 2021

It is not inconceivable that serious air pollution could be caused by gas clouds at some point.

ComBus / Entropia March, 2020

Entropia and ComBus continues to innovate to always deliver a flawless voice and data network for guaranteed customer availability.

Innovation enhances critical communications across the Netherlands
ComBus March 2021

ComBus has developed a cutting edge Cloud Dispatch system to integrate seamlessly with Broadband Push-to-Talk devices.

Security Officers invited to experience ComBus’ control room
ComBus February 2021

Amsterdam’s new ComBus control room showcases its mission critical communication features to security professionals.

Cloud dispatching at THOR Amsterdam successfully completed
ComBus / Entropia January 2021

ComBus’ innovative Critical Cloud dispatching system and its optimised database structure make busy public spaces safer.

Communications to maintain security and prevent criminal activity
ComBus January 2021

Real-time mission critical voice and data communications provide complete situation awareness to protect security officers and the public.

ComBus / Entropia December 2020

ComBus’ innovative IoT solutions automatically and remotely measure water levels to detect drought, flood risk and non-revenue water anomalies.

Future-proof Smart water solutions for a more sustainable world
ComBus November 2020

Leading the way in reliable communications, ComBus’ Cloud Dispatch system has increased to over 100 locations.

Technology that can track devices anywhere, even underground
ComBus October 2020

ComBus has developed a groundbreaking iBeacon to remain effective in the harshest of environments to eliminate boundaries.

ComBus technology designed to futureproof critical communications
ComBus September 2020

Securing the needs of its customers, ComBus has developed scalable software to be compatible with all future innovations.

Unified 4G & 5G with Entropia Tetra network
ComBus / Entropia August 2020

Entropia & ComBus announced the integration and unification of 4G and 5G LTE with the Entropia Tetra network using ComBus Push-to-Talk.

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