Offshore and Marine

Communication paths, data interconnection and dependability are key to keep employees safe and to achieve all performance requirements in this hazardous working environment. Clear, consistent, and reliable voice and data communications and emergency features are essential at all times.

Unified communications

for a sustainable world

Overseeing real-time operations is a vital role for offshore wind control rooms. Personnel must be kept safe and the turbines’ performance monitored.

When dealing with the deployment of wind turbine infrastructure, deck teams and crane operators need to communicate to surface vessel crew and vice versa. Each of these communication scenarios operates under its own frequencies. ComBus and Entropia networks offer seamless operational bridging solutions to connect different technologies and different frequencies.

We deploy Broadband Push-to-Talk radio systems to our clients' offshore platforms enabling users to talk directly with one other user, or a group of users, at the touch of a button. In a time critical situation, the emergency call button alerts the control room and key individuals allowing them to make fast decisions for an optimum outcome.

In addition to delivering operational communications, ComBus and Entropia provide data backhaul for the monitoring and control of wind farm infrastructure. IoT integration allows for full operation oversight. Entropia’s national TETRA land-based communications network covering Belgium and the Netherlands has been extended out to sea to provide 15.000+ Km2 of reliable offshore communications.

For resilience and availability Entropia and ComBus own and operate its own mobile network. We have optimal control over the primary business processes to guarantee flawless connectivity and availability. Instant clear communications is key to our clients’ safety and by owning the network we can assure them complete security as only authorised users have access.

Full operation oversight Emergency features Seamlessly bridging land, sea and air communication IoT connectivity for all deployed infrastructure Rugged devices able to withstand the harsh environments
Commuications and IoT for offshore operations

ComBus Solutions

Push-to-Talk broadband

Experience ultimate connectivity and essential emergency features to enhance mission critical communications and improve efficiencies in all sectors.

ComBus Cloud dispatch systems

Delivering an uninterrupted flow of critical data to your control room empowering your operators to react and respond optimally to any situation.

Worker safety systems

Innovative unified cloud technology to provide complete situational awareness and feature rich devices to better protect
your personnel.

Telemetry systems from ComBus

Collecting and transmitting real time data from anything to anywhere at anytime to secure a smarter, more efficient and
connected world.

Live stream location tracking

Optimise your emergency management process with future-proof technology to accurately pinpoint personnel, assets, vehicles and incidents.

live stream video

Cutting edge technology to instantly capture and transmit real time video ensures the optimal outcome of every
emergency situation.

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