Safeguarding your employees and the public


The ultimate unified communications solution for the security professional. Broadband two-way Push-to-Talk radio systems, IoT applications and flawless connectivity guarantees they fulfil their role to the maximum and remain safe.


Critical communications

for a critical service

No matter the task or location, a reliable and robust two-way radio with essential safety features is essential.

The security profession is on the increase due to the growing need to protect. Today’s risks include the threat of terrorism, attacks on high profile individuals and their property, aggression towards governments and crowd control. In a crisis, action must be taken fast.

ComBus’ unified solutions have been developed to perfectly match the unique requirements of your security professional anywhere and anytime. Even in the harshest of environments, our cutting edge technology can be relied upon.

We supply robust communications solutions to security personnel from all industries. Hospitality, leisure and corporate sectors in particular require our innovative unified communications solutions to keep large numbers of the general public safe and to prevent disasters.

ComBus combine the power of their broadband and IoT connectivity to deliver premium features essential for the security professional. This technology provides global reach to eliminate boundaries. Its devices unify communications and data streams to deliver future-proof services including live video streams.

IoT provides connectivity to operate gates and barriers, handle alarm sensors, turn on lights and gives control room operators complete situation awareness via our groundbreaking Cloud Dispatch technology.

Our communications system allows for an individual to speak with one other person or with a pre-determined group or a control room at a push of a button. The Push-to-Talk two-way radios we supply have an emergency call function, GPS tracking, man down and lone worker protection for additional peace of mind.

ComBus communication solutions for security situations
Security across Belgium and the Netherlands

For operations within

Belgium and the Netherlands

ComBus and Entropia offer nationwide mission critical communications using professional TETRA technology.

This nationwide network is owned and operated by Entropia to ensure flawless continuity. The network frequencies are licensed and fully managed with encryption for security.

Instant voice and data communications Reliable and robust two-way radios Vast network coverage GPS, lone worker and man down features High quality audio anywhere, every time Encryption and authentication security Cloud based services

ComBus Solutions

Push-to-Talk broadband

Experience ultimate connectivity and essential emergency features to enhance mission critical communications and improve efficiencies in all sectors.

ComBus Cloud dispatch systems

Delivering an uninterrupted flow of critical data to your control room empowering your operators to react and respond optimally to any situation.

Worker safety systems

Innovative unified cloud technology to provide complete situational awareness and feature rich devices to better protect
your personnel.

Telemetry systems from ComBus

Collecting and transmitting real time data from anything to anywhere at anytime to secure a smarter, more efficient and
connected world.

Live stream location tracking

Optimise your emergency management process with future-proof technology to accurately pinpoint personnel, assets, vehicles and incidents.

live stream video

Cutting edge technology to instantly capture and transmit real time video ensures the optimal outcome of every
emergency situation.

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