Worker Safety

ComBus delivers the ultimate unified communications solution to better protect your workers. Deploy smart technology to fully support your front-line personnel and control room operators. Empower them to focus on their role and manage all situations safely and effectively.

Maximising safety with the power of ComBus Cloud Technology

Our smart technology has been developed to deliver exactly what you need to keep your employees safe. Achieve complete situational awareness of all personnel at any location.

By combining ComBus’ powerful IoT applications and cutting edge technology your control room operators are equipped with a reliable flow of real time data enabling them to execute smarter, safer operations.

Customised software to match the needs of your personnel Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure Achieve complete encryption and authentication security Unify all critical communication streams Global reach using secure cloud connectivity Integrates seamlessly with national TETRA network

Every ComBus service has been designed to be fully flexible, working seamlessly and securely over international broadband IP, integrating with Entropia’s fully managed, licenced TETRA national network across Belgium and the Netherlands, meaning that your operators can access all functions from anywhere using any device.

ComBus worker safety
ComBus man down and lone worker features

Lone worker & man down emergency functions

A reliable and robust Push-to-Talk two-way radio system is an essential piece of kit for employees who work alone or in hazardous environments.

Our solutions have built in emergency features to safeguard your lone workers, no matter their location. The innovative system detects inactivity and raises an alarm to alert the relevant personnel. Should a worker fall when working alone, the system will trigger an alert as the device remains horizontal of exceeds a preset angle. In both instances, the control room operator will try to reach the individual using the two-way radio. If there is no response, an alarm will be raised for immediate action.

Live location tracking: saving time & saving lives

Deploying a real time ComBus location tracking service with total redundancy and premium levels of security in rest and in transit will maximise the effectiveness of your safety management processes.

Our groundbreaking technology allows your control room operators to accurately pinpoint the location of your remote workers as well as your physical assets such as vehicles. Knowing exactly where your front-line workers are at all times improves the efficiency of your resource deployment and speeds up response times should an incident arise.

ComBus location tracking
Single buttom emergency protocol

Single button emergency calls with live mic operation

At-risk workers equipped with a ComBus two-way radio have instant access to customised emergency features.

In just a push of a button an individual can start an instant connection with a pre-determined talk-group, send an emergency message, open the device microphone and interrupting ongoing calls, activating alarms.

Combining single button emergency technology with the ComBus Cloud Dispatch system provides complete situational awareness. The last known location of the individual activating the emergency feature can be located on a map for a speedier response.

Live video streaming. Take control of any situation.

Place your control room operators directly at the scene empowering them to make well informed decisions for the optimum outcome.

ComBus’ live stream video technology optimises the safety of your front-line workers, increases response times and provides evidential footage.

The innovative technology records high resolution on-scene footage via a body-warn video (or integrated in a smartphone) at a touch of a button, automatically transmits to a control room and can activate an alarm for additional peace of mind.

Share data with your ComBus control room using broadband Powered by Entropia’s fully managed TETRA network Achieve high resolution on-scene awareness
Live stream video for worker safety

Sectors that we serve

Guaranteed connectivity and instant voice & data communications

Guaranteed connectivity and instant voice & data communications to better protect your front-line personnel and the communities they serve.

Eliminate boundaries with our unified transport logistic solution

Eliminate boundaries with our unified transport logistic solution that connects all your devices to deliver complete operational oversight.

Monitor and control all critical infrastructure

Monitor and control all critical infrastructure with our state of the art, resilient communications solutions to drive forward sustainability.

ComBus solutions for Petrochemical business across Belgium and the Netherlands

Achieve complete situational awareness, improve safety, make time critical decisions, and continually improve by capturing all critical data.

ComBus solutions for offshore and marine operations

Oversee real-time performance of your operations and ensure you keep all personnel safe with robust communication and data interconnection.

Limitless IoT solutions to connect everything and anyone

Limitless IoT solutions to connect everything and anyone, anytime and anywhere empowering organisations and cities to improve lives.

Digital technology and scalable IoT solutions to transform today’s water systems

Digital technology and scalable IoT solutions to transform today’s water systems and associated infrastructures to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Communications and control using IoT for all manufacturing business

Bespoke feature rich communication solutions and IoT applications to inject innovation to your production process and futureproof your success.

Groundbreaking IoT applications for Healthcare across Belgium and the Netherlands

Groundbreaking IoT applications, instant two-way communications and a reliable network is essential for all time critical

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