Innovation enhances mission critical communications across the Netherlands

Innovation enhances mission critical communications across the Netherlands and Belgium.

ComBus has developed a cutting edge Cloud Dispatch system to integrate seamlessly with Broadband Push-to-Talk devices and Entropia TETRA.

Driven with integrity to lead the way in reliable mission critical communications the Entropia Group used its expertise and knowledge to form ComBus Technologies. The aim of ComBus is to connect the world; to make is smarter, safer and more sustainable.

The technology and software designed in-house at ComBus has the power to relay real-time data to human to human, from object to human and object to object.

The Cloud Dispatch solution equips control room operators with all the critical data they need to make well-informed decisions for the optimum outcome. Having complete situation awareness allows them to understand the nature of any incident and react quickly to get the right people at the right place at the right time.

This ultimate solution which includes video calls, video streaming and live location tracking has taken over 15 years to perfect.

The Entropia Group is delighted that the emergency services, the utility sector and security professionals are now benefiting from its essential features.

Being a part of The Entropia Group means that ComBus’ mission critical communications solutions use Entropia’s nationwide redundant TETRA networks to guarantee the ultimate connectivity.

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