Critical communication solutions to enhance surveillance and enforcement

ComBus’ innovative Critical Cloud dispatching system and its optimised database structure make busy public spaces safer.

Critical communication solutions to enhance surveillance and enforcement.

Amsterdam is a thriving, busy commercial capital and home to the top financial centres in Europe. The city also attracts large numbers of tourists. It’s key that all visitors, residents and workers are kept safe at all times through the presence of THOR security officers (Toezicht en Handhaving).

Updates to ComBus’ mission critical communications system have been implemented over night with complete success. These nightly updates happen at a time of lower usage and less radio traffic to keep disruption to the minimum. This activity secures the system’s reliability.

ComBus’ services have been developed to put the unique needs of their customers first as well as the growing needs of the general public. The critical cloud dispatching solution connects front-line personnel with their control room. Not only does it provide complete situation awareness, the Push-to-Talk two-way radios are feature-reach to help pinpoint locations and capture on-scene footage as it unfolds. There are also built-in emergency features to better protect the city’s security officers such as man down and lone worker.

Handhaving in Amsterdam using ComBus and Entropia communications

The robustness of these reliable communication devices means that they can operate anywhere and are fully backed up by multiple levels of redundancy in the harshest of environments. With this mission critical communication solution, security officers and control room operators will experience high reachability, availability and reliability, low latency, real-time operating capabilities, high levels of security, private and group communications, and the ability to provide prioritisation, with a guaranteed quality of service.

As the Entropia Group own its own fully managed TETRA network, ComBus can guarantee that there will be no disruption to the service and that their mobile two-way radios will connect instantaneously. The network offers multiple Push-to-Talk functionalities, including half and full duplex, one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many, with guaranteed connection.

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