iBeacons available with Entropia and ComBus Technologies

iBeacons is a technology from Apple that allows you to determine the location of Entropia devices. It works with Bluetooth. With iBeacons you can help people to navigate or send information locally.

iBeacons are small transmitters that detect which mobile devices are nearby. If that is the case, such a beacon sends information to ComBus, whereby the position of the Entropia walkie-talkie or the ComBus smartphone can be determined. For example, in a museum, iBeacons can display the position of all employees on a ComBus map. iBeacons can also point the way to a correct indoor location or warn if an incident is taking place.

ComBus has developed its own iBeacon that fulfils Entropia's mission critical services. The beacons have a minimum guaranteed battery life of 20 years. The beacons therefore do not need to be provided with an external power supply, nor with network cabling.

If the network uses the 3GPP standard (for example GSM networks 4G and later 5G) and the ComBus Push-to-Talk functionality, the indoor beacons provide an accurate position within the buildings, underground car parks, tunnels, etc. When using the Entropia TETRA network, Entropia provides indoor coverage.

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