Ultra Broadband MCPTT The power behind mission critical communications

Achieve ultimate connectivity to empower your personnel to collaborate and make optimum decisions in all time critical scenarios.

Driven to improve lives, keep people safe and deliver unrivalled communications solutions, ComBus designs the highest quality voice and data systems to meet the demands of all critical businesses and agencies. This innovative technology, enhanced with essential emergency features, guarantees outstanding results.

Ultimate Cloud Dispatch

Innovations to put you in control

This advanced Cloud Dispatch solution supercharges any mission critical environment.
Delivering real time critical data from anywhere provides your control room operators with complete situational awareness enabling them to respond quicker, manage resources effectively, discover solutions, create new experiences, and drive smarter operations.

Ultimate Enterprise Broadband Push-to-Talk

Revolutionise your service provision with the advanced functions of BBPTT real-time communications. Developed for today’s world and designed to enable any sector to optimise their operations.

ComBus created this cutting-edge premium solution to equip organisations with the ultimate communication tool to futureproof their success. Lead the way and work smarter with flawless international connectivity and extensive advanced functions.

A fixed eSIM subscription

with no boundaries

Gain peace of mind with Combus' fixed cost roaming eSIMs.
Always stay connected with your team
wherever they are in the world.

Today’s innovative IoT technologies deliver endless possibilities for our future

ComBus is leading the way in designing innovative technology to connect everything, anywhere and anytime.

Real time critical data transmission enhances business intelligence, ensures efficiencies, optimises energy usage and ultimately secures a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone. It empowers every organisation from all sectors to gain full sight of their operations and performance. With IoT and telemetry there are no boundaries.


Sectors benefiting from

integrity and innovation

Guaranteed connectivity and instant voice & data communications to better protect your front-line personnel and the communities they serve.

Eliminate boundaries with our unified transport logistic solution that connects all your devices to deliver complete operational oversight.

Monitor and control all critical infrastructure with our state of the art, resilient communications solutions to drive forward sustainability.

Achieve complete situational awareness, improve safety, make time critical decisions, and continually improve by capturing all critical data.

Oversee real-time performance of your operations and ensure you keep all personnel safe with robust communication and data interconnection.

Limitless IoT solutions to connect everything and anyone, anytime and anywhere empowering organisations and cities to improve lives.

Digital technology and scalable IoT solutions to transform today’s water systems and associated infrastructures to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Bespoke feature rich communication solutions and IoT applications to inject innovation to your production process and futureproof your success.

Groundbreaking IoT applications, instant two way communicate devices and a reliable network is essential for all time critical situations.


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